Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thailand has Proposed New Energy Law to Avoid Social Unrest

The Govt. of Thailand has taken a landmark step by proposing a new energy law, national energy council and energy policy committee to promote solar energy and to avoid social unrest The proposed law is similar to India in the context of national energy council which includes representatives from all energy sectors. Thailand’s current national power development plan includes several technologies like renewable energy, coal and gas. The proposed energy law would be similar to Germany’s Energy Act 2000. It is similar in a way that prioritising renewable energy for grid connection and freeing up the market, away from government and centralised ownership, and encouraging people to become “consumers and producers” with net metering.
There will be a new national policy committee which will be controlled by the prime minister of Thailand. It is pertinent to mention that energy is a big issue in Thailand as it has a lot to do with economics and the environment and the lives of Thai people. The Govt. has also proposed a 20-year road map for renewable energy development like 1GW of solar energy to be supported every year, in the coming 20 years. It will help everyone to easily install rooftop solar for residential and commercial purpose and also connect to the grid with a special discounted tariff.

This is no doubt a great step taken by the Govt of Thailand. Which will definitely provide a great benefit to the people in general and the govt. in particular. 

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